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Welcome to the world of B'long Hair Extensions!


Tiny B´long PreBonded hair strands mimic the hairs natural movement, the bonds can be cut into 3 pieces which make them unnoticeable and ideal for placement around the nape and hairline areas. Maintained correctly, PreBonds will last up to 6 months. PreBonds are ideal for adding volumen and for creating blonde highlights without the need for bleaching. PreBonds can be intermixed with other extension methods, for example as highlights or around the hairline areas. Easy to apply where extra volume is required, for enhancing fringe areas, for creating special effects or to add volume to specific areas. B’long PreBond products are made from carefully selected premium quality 100% remy human hair. Remy hair is positioned with the roots at the top of the extension, this makes the hair tangle free and behave like your hair, it can be blow-dried, curled and straightened.
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