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The ABCs of Hair Extensions

Posted on 28 August 2019

The ABCs of Hair Extensions


1. Choose the Technique & Length

Choose the extension technique that suits you best. Would you like to have long-lasting extensions that are more permanent in your hair or temporary extensions that can be taken off in the evening and put on when you feel like it?

If you like to keep your hair tied, long-lasting Prebonds or temporary Clip-On Extensions suit you best. Instead, if you keep you hair down a lot and prefer fast extension techniques, Tape-In extensions or temporary SwiftHair are the right choice for you. Of course, Tape-In extensions and Preponds can be combined and Swifthair and Clip-On extensions can be used at the same time. When applying long-lasting extensions, always choose a trained professional.

Also choose the lenght that suits you and your wishes best. Hair extensions are available in many lengths, for example, B`long Extensions are available in 30cm, 45cm and 60cm. 



2. Choose the Right Color

Choose the color of the hair extensions, so that you don`t need to dye them. It is not recommended to dye hair extensions since it can cause very serious damage to the hair –instead if necessary you should dye your natural hair for the color of the hair extensions.

To create a vibrant color, you can either buy highlighted or ombre hair extensions, or customize your own color by mixing different shades.



3. Take Good Care of Your Hair Extensions

Brushing and detangling hair extensions several times a day is essential in taking care of them. Therefore, it`s recommended to get a high-quality bristle hairbrush that suits hair extensions perfectly. Be sure to braid you hair at night to prevent tangles.

100% genuine Remy Hair extensions can be straightened with a flat iron and it`s even recommended. However, always use a heat protection spray to prevent iron from tearing and burning the hair.

Serums and oils are also an important part of taking care of hair extensions: hair extensions do not receive natural oils from scalp in the same way as natural hair, so they need a lot of moisturizing. With serum or oil you can also get softness and shine on you hair extensions and detangling is easier. In the winter, adding serum to dry hair extensions can also prevent hair getting static.



4. Wash Your Extensions Right

Anyone who invests in high-quality hair extensions will definitely want to keep them in good condition. Hair extensions should ALWAYS be washed only with products that are designed for them! Products have a significant effect on the condition of hair extensions: if you wash them with wrong kind of products, the hair can get very tangled. For example B`long Perfect products are excellent for washing hair extensions. Never wash hair extensions with products that contain repairing, volumizing or deep cleansing ingredients, or products that have a lot of alcohol in them. Never use oil-based products on the roots, as this may cause the extension to come off.

Do not wash your hair too often: up to 3 times a week is a good amount. Carefully and gently lather shampoo onto the scalp. Apply conditioner to lengths, but not to roots.



5. Reapply Your Hair Extensions Regularly

To prevent hair extensions from damaging your natural hair, be sure to have them reapplied regularly. If you have tape-in extensions, you should reapply them every 1,5 to 2 months. If you have Prebonds, reapply extensions after 2 to 3 months. Some of the Prebonds can be replaced during the service.



6. Enjoy You New Hair

Carefully applied hair extensions are beautiful, natural-looking and carefree. You should try some new hairdos to your new hair, such as pigtails and half-up hairstyles, as the looks are more spectacular! If you want to highlight some details in your hairstyle, you can add a few Clip-On Strips to your hair or create a longer lasting effect with a few Prebonds or Tape-In extensions.



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