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How to Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

Posted on 29 August 2019

How to Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions


1. Apply hair extension tape to the entire band of B`long hair weft and cut pieces suitable size for your hair extensions. For each section you will need exactly the same size counterpart. The suitable width of one piece is approximately 4 to 5 cm (note: at least 3 cm).



Tip: Make sure that the tape adheres well to the band. If the tape doesn`t appear to adhere properly, gently wipe the band with a cotton pad moistened with B`long Bond Remover.

2. Make vertical partings from crown to ears and crown to neck. Start applying the hair extensions at the neck. Make the first horizontal part about 2 cm from the hairline. Lift a thin section of hair of the desired width using the tail of a tail comb.



3. Remove the strip covering the tape and lightly place the tape section onto the tail of the tail comb.



4. Hold the section of hair you separated earlier and place the tape-in section underneath it, about 0,5 cm from the scalp with tape facing up, using a tail comb for example. Then place the section of your own hair over the tape-in section and gently remove the tail comb from the tape-in section.



5. Press the hair section onto the tape using the tail comb. Make sure that there is the kind of amount of hair that the hair doesn`t compeletely cover the tape. If there is too much hair between the tape-in section, the section might not stick very well. Also, the hair section shouldn`t be too small, since the weight of the tape-in hair extension may be too much for the hair. Remove the excess, non-adhesive hair with the tail of the tail comb.



6. Place a same sized tape-in hair extension exactly on the same position as the previous one, on top of your own hair section. Your own hair is thus between two tape-in sections. If the sections are different in size or not compeletely aligned, the extensions may not stick very well.



7. Press firmly across the entire width of the tape to secure the tape-in hair extension. This ensures that no air is left between the tape-in sections. Leave at least 1 cm of space between the tape-in sections in each direction to allow excess moisture to evaporate from the scalp and hair.



Please note:

The B`long Tape-In Hair Extensions should not be stretched when applied, as it may cause hair loss.

Avoid touching the tape with your fingers; we recommend using a tail comb to handle the tape sections.

A well done B`long Tape-In Hair Extension lasts an average of 2 months. A well-maintained tape-in extension can be reattached. The lifespan of extensions is influenced by the growth of your hair, the way the extensions are applied, the condition of your natural hair and scalp and especially of how well the hair extensions have been taken care of. For the care of hair extensions we have developed the B`long Perfect products.

We always recommend a professional hairdresser to apply your B`long hair extensions, so you can enjoy your new high-quality hair extensions carefree.




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