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How to Apply Clip-On Hair Extensions

Posted on 28 August 2019

How to Apply Clip-On Hair Extensions


With Clip-On Hair Extensions, you can gently create instant volume and lenght to your hair. The B`long Multiway Hair Extension Set contains pleanty of high quality hair, so you can get a spectacular change in medium to long hair with one set. The B`long Multiway pieces are prefitted with clips that can be removed, so the extensions can also be applied as Tape-In Hair Extensions. You will need a separate Hair Extension Tape to attach the extensions with Tape-In method. Check out all the temporary hair extensions here. 


To apply the Clip-On Hair Extensions, open the clips of one piece, place them at slighty backcombed roots of the hair section and snap the clips into place. Watch the video on how to apply the set:



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