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How to care for hair extensions

The following care instructionswill help you to enjoy your B´long extensions for a long time. Looking after your extensionsis important for the extensionhair and attachment durability.


Do not wash your hair within the first 24 hours after the application. We recommend washing hair maximum of 3 times a week so there won’t be too much strain on the attachment parts. Always wash you hair in an upright position. 

If you have a particularly oily scalp, wash your hair more often with a gentle shampoo for oily scalp, which will reduce the oiliness and calm down the scalp. Gently wash the hair using your fingertips.

Apply conditioner that suitable for hair extensions to the lengths. Rinse the scalp and lengths carefully to avoid conditioning and styling product build ups. Hair care and styling product build up can affect the attachment’s durability and irritate the scalp. Water temperature should be max 40°C.

Only use products that are suitable for hair extensions. Other products can damage the hair or the attachment part. Unsuitable products for hair extensions: hair repairing shampoos and conditioners, volumising products, deep-cleansing products, products that contains high amount of alcohol. Do not use oil based products too close to the attachments.

Brushing and care

Do not brush your hair whilst wet, as the hair can stretch and break. Never go to sleep with wet hair as it can affect the extension attachment part’s durability. The hair should be brushed and untangled carefully in the morning and at night, before washing and if necessary throughout the day. Brush your hair with a natural bristle brush or with so called detangling brush. B’long product line includes a brush specially designed for hair extensions. Brush your hair starting from the ends. Remember the nape area!

To prevent tangling of the hair use leave-in conditioners or serums suitable for hair extensions. If you hair is tangled, ensure you hold the extensions from the attachment area whilst un-tangling. Braid your hair loosely to prevent it tangling during the night. Use straightening iron when necessary (remember heat protect!). Straightening helps to keep the smooth and soft longer.


Important tips

Protect your hair from the heat. Cover your hair with a towel in a sauna. Protect your hair from chlorine and sea water.

We do not recommend colouring or other chemical treatments for hair extensions. Never put chemical treatments to the attachement parts (for example if dyeing roots). Never bleach or perm hair extensions.

Avoid unnecessary touching of the attachments area. For example you should’t rub the bonds between your fingers. Squeeze your TapeHair extensions attachments parts occasionally, especially after washing to ensure they are secure.

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